ULTRA Magnetic Whiteboard with Aluminum Frame


  • 2ft x 3ft
  • 3ft x 4ft
  • 3ft x 5ft
  • 4ft x 5ft
  • 4ft x 6ft
  • 4ft x 8ft

Seamless Magnetic Organization

Transform your workspace with the ULTRA Magnetic Whiteboard. Experience unparalleled efficiency as you harness the power of magnetic attraction to organize your ideas, memos, and presentations. With its smooth surface and strong magnetic properties, this whiteboard offers a seamless platform for brainstorming, planning, and collaboration. Say goodbye to cluttered desks and hello to streamlined organization with ULTRA.

Sleek Design, Maximum Durability

Elevate your office aesthetic with the sleek sophistication of the ULTRA Magnetic Whiteboard. Featuring a durable aluminum frame, this whiteboard combines style with resilience, ensuring long-lasting performance in any environment. Whether in a corporate boardroom or a home office, its minimalist design adds a touch of elegance to any space. Upgrade your workspace with a whiteboard that’s as stylish as it is functional.

Versatile Usage for Any Setting

Embrace versatility with the ULTRA Magnetic Whiteboard, your all-in-one solution for various settings. From classrooms to conference rooms, this whiteboard adapts to any environment with ease. Utilize it for presentations, teaching sessions, project planning, or creative brainstorming sessions. With its versatile functionality and magnetic surface, the ULTRA Whiteboard empowers you to communicate and collaborate effectively, wherever you are.

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2ft x 3ft, 3ft x 4ft, 3ft x 5ft, 4ft x 5ft, 4ft x 6ft, 4ft x 8ft

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ULTRA Magnetic Whiteboard with Aluminum Frame


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